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    T3h Ch3F
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    Thinking About It

    Greetings fellow human beings, I speak to all! of you as a former 2nd Recon combat vet. I was on the "Beach without an ocean" the first time around and I am deeply saddened by the deaths of so many, not only my fellow Devil Dogs, but every human being who has suffered this political bullshit.

    I served this country for six years, earned a CAR (Combat action ribbon), 2 years before the Gulf part one "The Phantom Menace" based out of Subic Bay Phillipines. I have seen Death, honorable or not, WAR SUCKS!

    I do not currently own a weapon other than my mind, which in many ways is more dangerous to some.

    The current situation is not new, it has been escalating along with evolution, the more sophistication we obtain, the more simplified killing others becomes. ON BOTH SIDES!

    I am from the Planet Earth, race Human. Why do we allow the "Leaders" of all our nations to create hatred among us?

    I have seen death, and war from the front lines. There is no Victor, only sadness and loss.

    If there is a god it is a cruel joke to me.

    It is NOT about god, it is about control and Power.

    I am still proud to be an American, and will return to my previous duties if needed, I so strongly beleive in the foundation of our culture, I just hate to see suffering.

    Peace to all of you from every Nation, Race, Creed, Religion.

    Understanding one another is the key to our survival.


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    Nice post, war is sick, politics is getting sicker.

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    Its sad

    Thanks Ennis, I guess it is up to us to at lest try and make a difference.

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