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Thread: Letting shell scripts do it for you

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    Letting shell scripts do it for you

    This doesn't qualify as any sort of tutorial, just wanted to pass on a quick-tip to those who can get something
    out of it.

    Background: The job of system administration if done properly is an almost overwhelming task. If you aren't already
    pretty handy with writing shell or Perl scripts, this would be a great time to start learning; the time and sanity gained
    by automating those little time consuming bits away will reward you every day if done properly.

    The example script shown here monitors disk space on the filesystem. It checks each filesystem for a percentage
    used, and if the percentage is greater than the specified amount, it fires off whatever command you
    choose ( in this case a home grown paging program ) to alert you of the issue. On my systems I run this as a
    cron job every 5 minutes on the heavy load boxes, and every 30 minutes on light load machines.

    Commands used in this example shell script: df, grep, echo, cut, awk, uname

    #! /bin/sh
    # Run from crontab to keep a close eye on disk usage
    # --spurious 
    df -kl | grep -iv filesystem | awk '{print $6" "$5 }' | while read LINE;
                    PERC=`echo $LINE | cut -d"%" -f1 | awk '{ print $2 }'`
                    if [ $PERC -gt 96 ]; then
                            # replace tpage with your command, such as /usr/bin/mail, and
                            # spurious with the username you want the alert sent to.
                            /usr/local/sadm/tpage spurious WARNING $LINE on `uname -n` is $PERC percent full
    An example page (or email as the case may be) would look like
    WARNING /usr/export/cvsroot on jupiter is 97 percent full
    Check out the man page for sh (probably bash on Linux) for more on shell scripting. Anything you want to
    monitor on a Unix system can be constructed into simple shell (or Perl) scripts and
    run from cron. Just think of all the extra time you'll have for reading A.O. and making proper use of that
    season lift ticket.

    -- spurious
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    gay yawn

    how about we talk about security for a chang. this post suckz!


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