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    Unix HELP!! How do i create a working FAT32 partition....

    Im kinda new to unix so i would greatly appreciate if anyone would help me with this...
    I recently installed Redhat Linux. I was previosly running Windows 98 and had two drives C:\ and d:\
    I had stored all my files and programs in the D:\ drive and the c: drive had windows.
    when i started setup, i had to partition my hard disk again. i removed the c:\ partition (win95 FAT32) and in its place i put a Linux Native partition.
    Now, i want to get back to windows. I tried a lot to get the hard disk back to the original state. I used the fdisk to create a win95 fat32 partition instead of the linux native partition. but when i reach the end of the setup, the setup hangs and displays a message. creating filesystem.
    C:\ drive is created already on my computer. but when i try to access it using a boot disk, it says..... invalid media type....
    d: is however working fine. but as i have exhausted all space in d:
    i cannot install windows there.
    and yes... i have set the mount of the c: drive to / (i.e root) using disk druid.
    what should i do to get a proper fat32 partition again...

    please help..

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    You should just be able to use fdisk to make what used to be c: a primary DOS partition(you might have to make this active, I'm not sure). Then you will have to restart the computer. restart it with the bootdisk and type format c:
    This will make it fat32. Then when that is done start up the win95 setup cdrom and just install the OS.

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    ***going off of h3r3tic***

    If you believe the drive is already FAT32 pop in your bootdisk....type fdisk at the command prompt you enable large disk support and then go to create primary dos partition. If there is already one selected you could:

    Do what h3r3tic said -
    Then you will have to restart the computer. restart it with the bootdisk and type format c:


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