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Thread: data recovery help

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    data recovery help

    my sister accidently deleted some data on one of my zip 100 disks
    i really need that data for a school project do in a week
    i know there are such data recovery programs for hdds but is there one for zip?
    also i would like it to run on red hat 9 if at all possiable
    thanx all for ur time
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    There is plenty of software available to do what you want, but I could'nt recommend any particular manufacture, as I've never required it. I'd suggest you do a search for "data recovery" or "zip data recovery", you will find plenty, and the choice is yours. A search in AO (data recovery) will also turn up numerous threads on the subject, with posts giving links to software available. The other option is a recovery service. Regardless of method, it will cost you, unless you can find some free software. The question you must ask yourself is how important is your school project, and can you afford it , or recover your data in time. Sisters are a very good reason for ensuring you have backups of important data, and keeping it in a safe place

    /edit: you may be able to obtain trial software, which offers limited functionality, and enables a minimal amount of data to be recovered. You will of course still have to find out if your data is recoverable.
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    I found a piece of freeware called "PC Inspector File Recovery"...you can get it here


    I've had some success with it, so give it a whirl....

    Good Luck...please let us know if it works.

    EDIT: DOH!! Just reread your post...I'll have to dig a little for a *nix app...sorry about that

    Found this:

    and this:


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    thanxs all for the quixk reply il get back to u with my results
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