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Thread: System cooling

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    System cooling

    Hey all!

    i found this stuff online and id really like it if some of you looked at it and gave an opinion on it for me. also if your looking for something to cool your computers a bit more this may help you out as well.

    heres links too the things i found;

    this is a hard drive cooling system. it seems easy to install but what do you guys think? worth getting?


    this is an amd athlon cooling fan combo i found. does it HAVE to be the exact processor that this thing is saying its made for or would it work with another type? what i mean is would i be able to use this on another AMD processor or would this thing be made to fit only on the type its got listed?


    these i have never seen before. they are memory cooling things. what do you all think? worth the money here?


    this is memory sold with the little thingies already on:

    is this a good price?


    this thingy here is my favorite so far. its a cooling system with one intake and one exhaust for the pc. so far it sounds to good to be true. well only because it seems easy to use and seems like it would work perfect. what do you all think of this? good? bad? i dont care about noise level so thats not even a questioning thing for me. it could sound like a 502 olds and as long as it kept the case cool id be fine with it. heres the link:


    ok i found another cool thingy. this is also my favorite because now i have two favorite things in here, the one above and this:

    the cheap price has me wondering though. this has to be a scam, i mean 9 dollars for something this useful? what do you all think?


    heres another hd cooler with a different color:


    this is just a cheap fan i found on here too:


    if you all give those drive coolers that i said were my favorites i dont think id be needin thise because ill be buying about 3 of them at least, but maybe someone needs a new fan and this can help.

    i want to thank everyone in advance for even looking and thinking about helping me. and if you dont want to give an opinion on each thing i gave a link too, please at least look at the too i have listed as favorites because id really like to buy them.

    thanks all,

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    Hey dood, I dont know if its my computer or your links but not one of them opened for me!

    You may need to redo them.
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    The links work fine for me, sometimes you may have to hit the refresh button and that will usually load the page.
    I don't think you would have any problems with the cooling devices listed. and the prices seem fairly reasonable But I would check around a few other sites but I think in the end you will come back to tigerdirect

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    what i mean is would i be able to use this on another AMD processor or would this thing be made to fit only on the type its got listed?
    What they mean is that the unit is designed to fit on the particular AMD (maybe family) with that particular type of socket. If you buy it and attempt to appy it to an Intel, for example, the unit may fit too tightly or too loosely, may not connect correctly to the socket, any number of other issues.


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    For (air) cooling your CPU the ThermalRight SLK900-A heatsink is an excellent choice. Combine that heatsink with a good ball bearing fan. If you want maximum performance go for a Delta, if you still want to use youer box and don't run away from the noise choose something else. For example a Thermalright SLK900-A combined with a PAPST or a temperature controlled Enermax or Antec. You can even use 92mm fans on it. So a 92 mm papst on low rpm will make almost no noise and cool your cpu efficiently.
    The Swiftech MCX462-V is naother excellent choice. Combine this one with either a 80 or 92 mm fan.
    Better results are offcourse achieved with watercooling or microfreezing,... etc.

    A very important element in your cooling is case design and airflow. Make the case fans / chassis fans blow in the right direction (in/out take). Next spend some $$ on your case.
    I have built an Antec with Barton CPU inside and the mobo only gets to 20C and the cpu stressed to 41C and idle 36C without any modifications, just the boxed cpu with AMD fan (usualy it sucks) and no extra fans blowing. So it's only the very nice design from antec that does the trick. The same config runs at about 50C in a cheapo case. With the swiftech or Thermalright installed temperatures drop a few degrees more.
    Read my explanation about noise and cooling here on AO if you want to have some background info on 'silent computing'.

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    For a system design project in college, a friend and i mounted a PC inside a Mini-Fridge and overclocked the processor. You could do the same if you are finatic about coolage......Mount the drive bays in the door so that you don't have to open it up to pop in a CD. The only issue that we had was humidity from opening and closing the door. But, there are ways around this as well.......
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