Hey all!

i found this stuff online and id really like it if some of you looked at it and gave an opinion on it for me. also if your looking for something to cool your computers a bit more this may help you out as well.

heres links too the things i found;

this is a hard drive cooling system. it seems easy to install but what do you guys think? worth getting?


this is an amd athlon cooling fan combo i found. does it HAVE to be the exact processor that this thing is saying its made for or would it work with another type? what i mean is would i be able to use this on another AMD processor or would this thing be made to fit only on the type its got listed?


these i have never seen before. they are memory cooling things. what do you all think? worth the money here?


this is memory sold with the little thingies already on:

is this a good price?


this thingy here is my favorite so far. its a cooling system with one intake and one exhaust for the pc. so far it sounds to good to be true. well only because it seems easy to use and seems like it would work perfect. what do you all think of this? good? bad? i dont care about noise level so thats not even a questioning thing for me. it could sound like a 502 olds and as long as it kept the case cool id be fine with it. heres the link:


ok i found another cool thingy. this is also my favorite because now i have two favorite things in here, the one above and this:

the cheap price has me wondering though. this has to be a scam, i mean 9 dollars for something this useful? what do you all think?


heres another hd cooler with a different color:


this is just a cheap fan i found on here too:


if you all give those drive coolers that i said were my favorites i dont think id be needin thise because ill be buying about 3 of them at least, but maybe someone needs a new fan and this can help.

i want to thank everyone in advance for even looking and thinking about helping me. and if you dont want to give an opinion on each thing i gave a link too, please at least look at the too i have listed as favorites because id really like to buy them.

thanks all,

-MandrakeTux. chicks dig cute penguins