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Thread: Reinstalling Windows XP

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    Reinstalling Windows XP

    Would i lose my information on my HD if i reinstall my HD?

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    AFAIK, as long as you don't tell it to reformat the drive, the data should still be there and it will re-install over the existing Windows location.
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    inf0streaker -
    Would i lose my information on my HD if i reinstall my HD?
    I believe you meant to post. 'Will I lose my information on my HD if I reinstall my OS?


    It depends. MsMittens was right when she stated that if you don't format your drive you will keep you information. However, be careful, sometimes during the install windows will ask you if you want to reformat your drive (instead of creating a duel boot) be sure to NOT format your HD or YES, you WILL lose you information (unless backup - which I hope everyone does!)



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    the question for me is, why start a new thread for this problem ?

    last time I was here, there was no tech forum.. ( I like that there is one now)

    but I would of posted both of the threads or rather, just the other one, over there.

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    If you are using your XP CD media, one of the options you are given when it sees that there is an existing XP install is to repair the installation. This usually involves a long process of overwriting OS files that are either missing or broken. I've used this to recover from nasty browser bar add-ons and a few other things users do.

    This doesn't affect the existing data on the hard drive. All user files are retained.

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