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Thread: where's my post??

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    where's my post??

    Hi Guys--I seem to keep losing my posts that I put up--if they get moved to another forum--how am I supposed to know? I've put two up--one in the Network area and then one in the newbie area and they both disappeared.???
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    Looking at your post where it is now, just click on the magnifying glass to search for all your posts. Click on the one you want and you will be taken to where it was moved. you can also do this from your profile, just do search for all posts by this user. Another thing, there was a post on the main page "Email Hacked?" that the link wouldn't take me anywhere but to a page that said to contact the wemaster if I was following a valid link. It is like a post that only exists on the main page but you can't read it. It counted in the users post count but didn't show up on their last 20 posts list. Kindof wierd.

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    If you look on the left-hand side and go to "Site Subscriptions" you should see all the threads you've started/subscribed to. (you can change the date the subscriptions are viewed from by selecting the drop down menu)

    Alternatively, click on "View Your Profile" to see all the posts you've posted to. (There's an option in View "Your Profile that allows you to Search for all posts by this user")
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    Yeah, I'm having the same trouble. It'd be nice if the admins could send a private message saying where our post has been moved to.

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    Originally posted here by phratkie
    Yeah, I'm having the same trouble. It'd be nice if the admins could send a private message saying where our post has been moved to.
    They probably already have enough work moving posts, kicking out the riff raff and actually posting something themselves. Its not too much work to post in the right forum and look for your post if it gets lost...
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