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Thread: Sparc vs Xeon

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    Sparc vs Xeon

    Hi, does anyone know the main differences between Sun's Sparc processors and Intel's Xeons? I have read that sparcs have "higher performance" what is exactly meant by this? I am doing a comparison between servers and would like to know the proper way to compare between this two processors, not just by looking at the clock speeds.

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    Primary difference between the two, and this sometimes means a big difference depending upon what type of performance you need from your server:

    SPARC is a 64 bit processor
    Intel XEON is a 32 bit processor

    Another difference is that SPARC technology only runs with UNIX/Linux products, and is most compatible with Sun's SOLARIS.

    The Intel XEON is built for just about anything, intel is famous for making their chips compatible with the latest technology/OS out there, whether it be the new Windows version, or the newest Linux ports.

    As for performance, like I said, it all depends on what type of operation this server will be hosting.
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