This article is really interesting

[ I just cut the article down to what I thought was the most important parts of it ... ]

Basically the University will be offering a new course to students whose purpose is to teach students how to write viruses. The course being introduced is called "Computer Viruses and Malware", and is gonna be offered as part of the undergraduate program in Computer Science.

Course:: will allow students to create viruses, worms, and Trojan horses ....

But for some reason some computer industry people seem to dislike this idea. One example Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos who is comparing it to teaching kids how to break into cars.

But Dr. John Aycock the main defender of the course says that this will allow students to understand how viruses are created. Thus creating better security professionals who will be abel to create more better secure software and develop better counter-measures in the future to combat viruses.

here's a link to an article -- 1st is the original article

I personally think that this is a good idea what better way to prepare for future virus attacks then this..
You teach students how to create them run them in an environment similar to a mini-internet like the one that there going to set up ... for example if the University of Calgary and the UC Berkeley and USC join together... the Canadian University could create the viruses run them on this network an thus providing them with a wealth of info on how to stop future attacks .. That would be a great idea ...What do you guys think ??