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Thread: Hard drive Recovery

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    Hard drive Recovery

    Can anyone suggest an inexpensive route for data recovery from a drive. The computer crashes as soon as it recognizes the new drive is there. It runs a new drive with no problems.

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    OK, maybe I'm just reading this incorrectly. You say the computer crashes as soon as it recognizes the new drive is there. OK, but the next sentence you say it runs a new drive with no problems. To me that second sentence cancels out the preceeding one, but I may just be reading it wrong.

    There is lots of software on the net that can be used to data recovery, a simple google search can find lots. (There are some really good fully functional demo ones out there, I just can't remember the names)

    What OS is on the drive (if any) are you able to hook up another one? Perhaps you could just dump the one drive onto the other one? I'm confused. Please give us some more information to work with!

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    ur question didnt seem wery clear but if there is no major hardware problem u can recover lost or deleted files using a very good software called "PC Inspector File Recovery."
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    I am confused, is it that the machine crashes when you load a second drive, but will run with only one attached?

    1. Will it run with both drives, if they are the only one attached ("C")
    2. Will it run with the original drive as "C" but not the second drive attached as "D"

    Could it just be a question of the slave master jumper settings on the drives? You cannot have two master drives.

    Are you trying to change the old "C" drive for a new one, and just want to move the data from the old "C"?

    What are the make/model/capacity of the drives?

    What operating system are you using?

    If you give me that info. I can probably help you.


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