OKay i would first like to start out stating that i feel that spyware is wrong no matter what the case. When i say spyware i mean Keyloggers an so fourth that are placed on a computer to log a students, childs, or employee's keystrokes.

Well first i would like to say that if your going to install one you MUST remember to place them in stealth mode. With programs such a "SpectorPro" a little red dot will show up in you IconTray when its not in stealth. Also remember to password protect them

Also if you have a program such as GoBack by Roxio remember to clear the GoBack history after installing the program. Note: If you do not do so a user will be able to do the GoBack function and revery that state of your computer back to before the installation on the SpyWare. This is only possible if the password protection for GoBack is not enabeled of the user knows the pass. I would recommend setting a password.


My father recently installed Spector Pro on my computer and that made me a little mad. I know it is possible to delete manually in safe mode but i decided to take the easy way out. i did a GoBack on my computer back to before the program was installed. Created a VB program that puts a red dot in the IconTray and when you click on the red dot it propmts you for a pass (just like spector). When he puts in a password and presses "ok" it gives him an error saying "Invalid Password!".

This is in no way bad what i did. It was my computer that i bought with my own money. He put that on MY computer and i have the right to remove it.