Ive been trying to configure WEP on my wireless network for weeks. Connectivity between my access point and the router(speedstream) is a green light. When I enter config mode on the router and setup WEP with a passphrase,then generate keys, 64 bit encypt,automatic.
SAVE those settings

Then I go to my access point and check a box that says "key is given to me automatically".
But in my system tray there is a icon of 2 comps and it tells me to enter passphrase and connect to existing network. It then says that my passphrase needs to be 5 or 10 ASCII characters. But the passphrase on the router is 8? So I change them so they match and still no connectivity, when i say no connectivity i mean if the router is sending out WEP signals and my comp isnt set up right i get no internet. Im on cable. BUT NO CONNECTION, so if anybody could help me I would appreciate it to the upmost. Im running Windows XP, When im on the access point im in "Network Connections". Then I right click on properties and thats where config key is set to auto , 64bit,etc. Ive tried restarting the router, Ive got headache?:><: