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Thread: How-tos and do not do's in the IT world

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    Talking How-tos and do not do's in the IT world

    A couple buddies of mine in our department came up with some funny things that you shouldn't do in the IT world, and funny ways to solve problems. Feel free to add your own to this thread, it would be comical to see...

    Funny how-to's, and do not do's....

    Scenario - A user calls and says the network is down
    What not to do...
    "It is??? Oh **** what do we do?"

    Scenario - You want to get rid of some old monitors
    What to do...
    Put the monitors outside, in a sketchy part of town with a sign "Good! Do not take"..Guarantee'd by morning people will have taken them to use, thinking they're TV's.

    Scenario - The bossman assigns you to research a new IDS, but you don't know what IDS stands for
    What not to do....
    Suggest to him this new IDS called DFK (Don't ****ing know)

    I had some more...but I need more coffee Feel free to post your own, everybody's got funny solutions or things they wish they could do I'm sure...
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    Scenario-user says cpu wont boot
    What not to do....

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    waiting 4 ur cofe 2 finish!!!!!!!!!
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