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Thread: My P4 2.8GHz runs like a 386

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    My P4 2.8GHz runs like a 386

    Please help. When i switch on my computer it takes ages to load (even after all the icons in the system tray have appeared.
    Worst than this though, is that my computer seems to run much much slower than it used to - Windows XP - 512Mb ram - P4 2.8GHz - Laptop.
    If i look in task manager, nothing much seems to be happening except P2PNetworking seems to flash up with between 25 and 50% cpu usage. if i end this process, my computer seems to speed up again - and nothing seems to stop working.
    Can any of you clever bods shine some light onto my quandry, pleeeeese.
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    very simple, you either installed P2PNetworking or somebody else did. An example of those thingies is Kazaa. If it consumes 50% CPU usage and your box seems to be slow with it. and speed up without it, then why do you ask what's wrong? You already singled out the cause.

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    Thanx for the reply.
    I understand - i just wasnt sure what P2PNetworking does. didnt know if i would be missing some required program after removing it.

    Also, how do i remove it?
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    According to ur computer's hardware u shouldn't be having any kind of speed problems.
    Do you use a FW/AV/SPYremover? If you don't i suggest you get a firewall at Sygate, download an anti-virus and check your hdd, and go to Ad-aware and check for spyware.

    Spyware can be very resource-consuming...and if you have been compromised tht can also be a reason.
    If that p2p you mentioned takes away that much cpu and you dont really use it that often, switch it to manual and only connect it when needed.

    If you have already done does, you should probably start checking for auto-start services you dont need (believe me there are plenty of those ON by default) and background programs that don't really need to be there and shut them off. This page offers you detailed info on win services and what they are needed for. It's up to you to shut them down or not, just make sure you know what u doing

    If you don't know how to kill the p2p programs check on 'CTRL panel'>'Add n remove progs'>'name_of_memory_consuming_p2p.exe_here'.

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    One other thing that I read was that one of Microsofts biggest problems, was that they wanted the desktop to instantly be there instead of having to wait for it to load. So they fixed that by having the desktop appear immediately right after boot. However, the OS is not actually ready yet and is still loading everything.

    A couple other things that might speed up your boot is go to start--run-- and typ msconfig
    Navigate over to the startup tab and scroll throught that list. Unchecking some things from there can help to speed up the boot process. However, be careful what you do uncheck. Make sure you know what it is before you uncheck it. ------ Basically the same thing that smokinpot pointed you to. This will help speed up the startup process.

    A good disk defragment never hurts every once in a while either.

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    All good suggestions up top.

    I might just add one thing.

    XP takes a LOT of resouces. If you don't really care about all the flashy crap they put in it, then you can adjust the OS for performance, rather than apperance.

    Right click on My Computer, Properties, Advance Tab, Performcance Settings, check off Adjust for best performance.

    There are tons of little tweaks that you can use for performance too...

    Check out Xteq X-Setup
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    look for processes in your task list that you don't think should be there.
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    cheyenne1212 is dead on when telling you to go to start run and type in msconfig hit enter and go to the startup option. Under start up you will see the words p2pnetworking so you will be able to disable the service from starting up at restart.

    I have found that this website is a really good reference for what services need to be running and which can hit the floor. I hope this helps you out
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    in case anyone wants to know (for those who don't already) p2pnetworking = peer to peer. basically, your computer is networking itself with someone else's computer. (also called ad hoc networking). while kazaa is an example of it, it could also be some sort of trojan trying to contact a host, etc. file sharing and virus programs will constitute for most of the p2p apps you'll see out there. occasionally some businesses will have their "required" software installed on your computer (if it's a work laptop)

    if this is the case, and your employer is too cheap to buy a real server, that may explain the p2pn app you see running.

    just my $.02.

    /echo cheyenne's advice about getting rid of useless crap in msconfig... like messenger, etc.

    also helpful.
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    Thank you all for your help.
    I find it wonderful that people are willing to share there knowledge for free.
    If I have anything I can share with any of you, please dont hesitate to ask (info that is - hehe).

    Thank you AntiOnline.
    A computer is like a woman - It never works and you shouldn\'t use it unless you have cleaned away the bugs. \"Al76484 - 2003\"

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