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Thread: 802.16 security

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    Lightbulb 802.16 security

    Please look into this.I am trying to find some drawbacks and vulnerabilities in security of wirelessMAN(802.16). I found some, but I would like to hear from experts in this field ...are there any enhancements that can be made to the current 802.16a.
    Bcoz the broadband wireless internet is not yet into the market.Any predictions or research are warmly welcome.
    Could you please also give some useful links for security aspects of 802.16.
    Thanks in advance.
    Naga Raju Peddisetty,
    Msc Telecommunications,

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    Wireless in something im not into, but i searched for good info (didn't just run google aight?) on the subject and found this:
    802.16 FAQ
    Future Predictions
    Wireless Sec

    hope the links can help you.

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    hey smokin pot.. the question was 802.16, not 802.11. This is in reguards to the wireless MAN not the wireless LAN...

    I did a google search and there are like 100,000+ things on802.16. I currently use broadband wireless, but I am not sure if it follows the standards or not, I really should look into that.
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    but only for your enemy\"
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    Yeah ur right.
    thanks for pointing that out to me
    it will be my pleasure to correct it.

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    Here are a few links to get you started:

    http://networking.earthweb.com/netsp/ article.php/3068551

    I actually did an analysis of 802.16 for a local business to see if it's feasible to move that way in the future, for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections. Check out those links. If you need some books or physical articles, PM me and I can help you out.


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