I had another thought. As it is produced in co-operation with Dialogue Science (it uses the DrWeb engine or an OEM version of it) I thought it might be interesting to test that?

I have just obtained a trial of DrWeb 4.3

You might like to look at http://www.dials.ru/english/ which is their website.

I am beginning to think that the black screen might be something to do with the configuration of this box? as in OS/videocard/VDU combination I have a CTX 17" LCD screen and Win Me......I will look for updated drivers. I know that virus chaser "provokes" the problem, but it might have done me a favour by doing that?

AVG, SpyBot Search&Destroy, SwatIT, and AdAware 6 all run just fine and must be doing similar sorts of thing..........

I might also have comitted a criminal stupidity offence I suspect that the live ones were the result of an online attack I experienced a little while ago......I think that the thread was called "Yes I have no new antipoints, but a new virus instead"

I believe I might have sent AVG and McAfee copies of it? so I am not using a "level playing field" On the other hand, I thought that the "big boys" were all part of some information sharing club, and it DID spot the .txt version?

BTW. I still cannot get into the online help, even with the firewall switched off, so it isn't a conflict there.

A small bitch at this stage..............I cannot find a way of disabling the online scanner! that is quite important if you load a lot of software? On the other hand, this could be a way of idiot proofing it?

I should be able to run the second labrat and Dialogue Science tests today. The second labrat will also be interesting as it is an IBM PC300 with matching IBM CRT VDU. I bet the "black screen" problem goes away!

In case you were wondering..............yes, I have done AV software beta testing in the past

Cheers, will report back