Hi guys... I made a little script that preloads images so the rollover works smoothly. AFAIK it works fine in IE, Opera, Netscape.. Latest versions. Problem is that in IE 5.0 it crashes... I don't know what can be the problem (javascript is not my friend:]) Here is the script

//javascritp ktery prednacte obrazky k sekci znacky....
//po prednacteni zajistuje jejich rollover zmenu...
var pic = new Array(8);
var vyberte = new Array(8);
var i;

for (i=0; 8>=i; i++)
pic[i] = new Image(); // do pic se nahrajou obrazky hodinek jednotlivych znacek.
vyberte[i] = new Image(); //dp vyberte se nahraje obrazek jmena znacky.. patek ebel apod...

pic[0].src = "./pikcas/vyrezy/patek_philippe_z.jpg";
pic[1].src = "./pikcas/vyrezy/audemars_piguet_z.jpg";
pic[2].src = "./pikcas/vyrezy/jaeger-lecoultre_z.jpg";
pic[3].src = "./pikcas/vyrezy/ebel_z.jpg";
pic[4].src = "./pikcas/vyrezy/hermes_z.jpg";
pic[5].src = "./pikcas/vyrezy/longines_z.jpg";
pic[6].src = "./pikcas/vyrezy/rado_z.jpg";
pic[7].src = "./pikcas/vyrezy/mido_z.jpg";
pic[8].src = "./pikcas/vyrezy/tissot_z.jpg";
vyberte[0].src = "./pikcas/vyberte_si_patek.gif";
vyberte[1].src = "./pikcas/vyberte_si_audemars.gif";
vyberte[2].src = "./pikcas/vyberte_si_jaeger.gif";
vyberte[3].src = "./pikcas/vyberte_si_ebel.gif";
vyberte[4].src = "./pikcas/vyberte_si_hermes.gif";
vyberte[5].src = "./pikcas/vyberte_si_longines.gif";
vyberte[6].src = "./pikcas/vyberte_si_rado.gif";
vyberte[7].src = "./pikcas/vyberte_si_mido.gif";
vyberte[8].src = "./pikcas/vyberte_si_tissot.gif";

function VyberteSi()
var retezec = "[img]./pikcas/vyberte_si1.jpg[/img]";
retezec += "[img]./pikcas/vyberte_si2.jpg[/img]";
retezec += "<div style='position:relative;left:220px;top:-110px;'>";
retezec +="[img]./pikcas/vyberte_si.gif[/img]</div>";


function zmentext(i)
var retezec = "<div class='znacky'>";
retezec +="[img]"+vyberte[i].src+"[/img]</div>";
retezec += "<div style='position:relative;top:-70px;left:330px;width:150px;border-style:none solid;border-width:1px;'>";
retezec += "[img]"+pic[i].src+"[/img]</div>";
Anyone knows what is wrong?

And second question - I don't know how can I test if everything's fine with this IE 5.0 problem. I have IE 6.0 installed on my machine so how to test web sites if they works fine on previous version?

Thanx for your time and answers...