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Thread: Wanna learn how to program in C++ or Java?

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    Wanna learn how to program in C++ or Java?

    Hey guys, i dont know how many of you own codewarrior products, but it doesnt even matter for what i am about to tell you. Anyways, i was just messing around and i read the back of one of my old metrowrecks codewarrior boxes and you can go to http://www.codewarrioru.com/ and enroll for FREE for a class. Anyways, if you dont have much money or you dont have a lot of time to spare or you are just a kid who wants to take an advanced programming class, go there and enroll. They have basic classes and intermediet classes. Anyways, i defiently recommend just checking it out and maybe even enrolling in a class that you want to take!! Good luck, you dont even need a metrowrecks product for the courses, because they are completly free!!
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    Thanks. That's the sort of thing that'll help me out, and help me to test out of CS II for next semester. I'll be sure to check it out.

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    Awesome site, but I checked it out, and classes started almost a month ago, (September 27, I think) So I was wondering, do we have to wait till the 9th of January before we can enroll? Or can we just enroll now, and then get caught up on everything.
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