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Thread: Oops a few bugs- about 13,200 of them

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    Oops a few bugs- about 13,200 of them

    not really a big deal.. invisable to us.. but google ends up being a pretty good tool
    for checking your php .. hey.. I should write a tut.. LOL..

    I was just being my curious self, searching google and started out with
    "site:antionline.com hacker" (no quotes) look here

    hmmm, I said.. look at this.

    Jargon - AntiOnline's Distribution Of The Hacker Jargon Files
    Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started
    at /data/httpd1/htdocs/jargon/index.php:4) in /data/httpd1/htdocs/admin ...
    (hey.. a lot of great stuff in the jargon section of AO..)

    The error is somewhat transparent. You see maybe a glimse of it, but is
    generally ignored by the three browsers I tried.. (IE,opera,mozilla)
    I couldn't seem to capture it..

    so then of course I did a site:antionline.com /data/httpd1/htdocs/

    and finally to google's last page with simliar results omitted Results 971 - 977 of about 13,200

    I'm no php genius.. but it looks like JP didn't quite get his php right..

    just another glance in google, gave up some possible clues why
    three links, the last two related..[url]www.faqts.com/knowledge_base/view.phtml/aid/16625+Warning:+Cannot+add+header+information+-+headers+already+sent+by+&hl=en&ie=UTF-8
    LINK 2
    LINK 3

    13,200 errors.. man, that's a lot of re-writes hardly worth it..

    but hey, even if they don't get fixed, at least you know you have a tool for checking..

    gotta love google

    edit: quote tags removed, made the thread too wide..

    edit 2: it wasn't that, it's the google cache link.. I'm taking the embeded link out

    edit 3 : ARRRRRGGHHHH ..sorry, you'll have to live with it..
    the URL tag in the middle screws it up.. only the cache was avail.
    copy/paste whole link into browser.. if interested.

    hmmm.. I don't know why I bothered with the details..
    too much work to fix I think.

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    Hehe, interesting find. But as for there being 13200 thing to change, it can all be done with the change of one page, ya know? No one would have to individually go to each page and do it, as long as they all fed off of the same php.

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    ok, you're right.. partially, maybe, sort of..
    I let the title exaggerate things a bit to inject a little humour.
    I honestly don't know php at all... but I (don't know why) spent
    some time reading some of those google errors and they don't
    all come from just that one jargon directory.. is there a global
    page that fixes it all ..? I don't know.. Can it be fixed ? yes..
    Is it worth the effort ? Well, imho.. yes, because I don't like errors.
    Is it worth it for JupM ? Probably not, unless it is a more global function.

    thanks for the reply , Jehnny..

    edit : oh I forgot, if it 's not asking too much will an admin please edit
    my first link to the possible solution ? It irks me that it screws up the format
    of this thread. The site must of been down then but it's up now. thx.


    it's not really that big so I'll incude it here..

    The default property of Zend Engine (PHP) is output buffering off.
    You can turn on output buffering programmatically at the start of PHP page,
    before even you try to send any HTML output by calling the function


    If this is enabled, you may send HTTP headers even after HTML output
    has been sent.

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