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Thread: general help

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    general help

    I'm a n00b but very willing to learn and dedicated, i will not ask dumb questions
    i would just like someone to tell me where to start and what programs to get

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    All I can say is read, just pick an area of interest and see if it interests you. More than likely it will lead you into other areas of security.

    Your post is very vague and if I was you I would take a look around the site and see the general help and newbie tutorials to get you started.

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    thanx thats wat i should of done first i bet i look reel stupid now lol

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    Hi RGB

    You might check through some of my posts where I recommend certain "free" software............If I recommend them more than about three times they are probably worth a look?

    What I am suggesting is that a good first move would be to protect yourself against attack?

    Good luck and welcome

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