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Thread: Disabling pheonix boot keys

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    Disabling pheonix boot keys

    Can someone please help me to disable my bios boot keys.I have added a bios password and only enabled boot from hard drive for security reasons but when i press the esc key on boot up it says "Loading Boot Menu" in the bottom left of the screen and asks me which device i would like to boot from.How can i disable this key is there an option to disable it on boot up in the bios?.
    My bios is pheonix version 3.06 and i have an x86 tower pc.

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    I would say if you could disable that, it would be in your bios options. Just search every square inch of the options and if you don't find anything you might be out of luck. I did a few searches on google which I'm sure you did also, and really didn't come up with anything. The best I could find was a program to disable the function keys on boot with windows. If your interested I will post a link, although I don't think that is what you are looking for. You should be able to password protect your bios so that when they press escape they will be prompted for a password, and if it is wrong it will just continue booting. Just really search your bios options hard, because that is where it would be if it was an option.

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    If I understand your question right....
    You want to disable your bios menu entry key(s)?

    I've never heard of ever being able to disable your boot up keys for your BIOS, as its kind of essential sometimes to get into the BIOS after a hardware swap/change (depending on equipment). Now if you could, technically, you could just reset the CMOS and get them back if in the event of that occurrence, however, I think building in an option to disable bios startup keys, is kind of like shooting yourself in the foot.

    A BIOS password should be ample security enough, as before it even runs through the BIOS diagnostics etc, it should prompt you for that password. And if you're worried about getting your CMOS reset, then I suggest a lock on the case Cuz nerds can't pick locks (just kidding of course)

    Now if that wasn't your question, then I apologize for my going off onto another tangent.
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