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Thread: How to crack windows XP home ?

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    What does the woman say man? And is it a recording like your telephone service provider would have if you dialed a wrong number or something?

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    You are going to have to talk to them regardless, when you change your hardware they have to interrogate you (your a thief till you prove otherwise). I would not tell them the laptop is not yours as the liscence may not be transferrable.
    The magic number is 1888 5712048 (had to do this myself a few days back )
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    All right. Tx lumpy i will try that tommorow or in 2 days because i work tommorow and don't have time to go over to my friend. And Jehnny i don't really remember what she said the sound is unclear and i dont have the laptop here to dial again and see what she says. I think it's something about " We can not activate you Windows version at this time. Please try again later.... something like that, so i try again later but same thing. I'll try that number lumpy gave me and if it doesnt work i'll try it over the internet. I'll inform you guys how it works out. Tx everyone for the fast replies.

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    lol i had the same problem a week ago. Call the number and the lady (a recording) will ask you to enter the product installation code which should be displayed on the screen right after you log in and you click on the "activate windows by telephone". Anyways, just tell the recorded lady the installation code of your computer or you could ask to speak to a live assistant (which is a bad idea, i tried to do it and the man told me to turn off my computer for 10 minutes and tap the box every 2 minutes, its amazing how dumb some microsoft people are i **** you not...)
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    Next time you reinstall Windows XP (on the same machine, without hardware changes) follow the following guide to back up your avtivation status:
    Circumstances arise where you'll need to reinstall Windows XP on your machine when no hardware changes have been made. Rather than go through the reactivation process, create a floppy disk to back up the activation status file. Once XP has been reinstalled the floppy can be used to restore the previous activation status.

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    noODle, have you ever tried the method from your link. It says something about reinstalling without changing hardware, I was wondering would the same thing work if you did change your hardware. I was thinking about an upgrade and fresh start and wanted to know if the same method from that link would work or if it would not, or maybe even screw up your computer. Thanks

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    Go to my profile and d/l "lh-net-xp-crack.zip".
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    lol...I just had an issue where I reistalled xp on my box, box died, went to a backup, and it said I have exceeded my installs...DOH!

    Anyway, I found these articles that were helpful and interesting...


    found here:http://www.hackinthebox.org/advanced...tmp=activation

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    You came up with that message because for microsofts profit they had the disk assign its self to your specific computer. therefor every other computer it was put on to it registers as a trial version. You can do something illegal like search for a crack or serial gen and put it in there or you can just call the company. They will make you pay 200 or some dollars for the OS because the billions of dollars that microsoft makes just isnt enough they need all your money. This also poses as a draw back for places like schools now who cant use the same disk on thier network forcing the school to keep an old OS. Now when these start to malfunction ( as most microsoft products do that i have used) the school need to buy new OS. Spending thousands of dollars for individual systems. Sacrificing education for profit. That should be microsofts logo! ...sry for the microsoft rant...i couldnt help it
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    noODle, have you ever tried the method from your link. It says something about reinstalling without changing hardware
    As far as I know this method only works when there are no hardware changes.

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