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    This One Goes Out to the Most Deservant

    This one goes out to the most deservant

    If you went away,
    my heart would stray,
    my soul would die,
    my brain would fry,
    my ambition would cease,
    I would give up beauty, and accept the beast.

    If you went away,
    no guitars would play,
    the flute reeds would dry,
    the violins wouldn't cry,
    an artist would be without a piece,
    there would be no fur, for an elise.

    If you went away,
    the world would gray,
    mother earth would sigh,
    for she would have lost her sky,
    the oceans would turn away peace,
    the animal world, could no longer feast.

    If you went away,
    It would be my last day,
    For you are my ally,
    and I am your guy,
    I couldn't accept the release,
    For my bones, you are the grease.

    If you went away,
    everyone would pray,
    that their friend had said good-bye,
    that their friend was nearby,
    But i would bequeath,
    That your love, was all mine, underneath.

    I love you 30a :P

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    That is really nice, who did you wright it for... Did you evan wright it?


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    thanks, and yes i wrote it.

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