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    Ok.... This is the new one.
    If you want to blame this on anyone. Blame it on Sleep Deprivation. It is 5:38 in the morning.
    I haven't been to sleep yet.

    No, put the Taco, Down. Put it down, you don't know where those beans have been.
    Welcome to another episode of the Kiddie that keeps on ticking.

    Last time we left or would be Hero he was being messed with by his Principal.
    Well what will happen to our Kiddie. Well I guess you will just have to wait and see.

    UnUber-Uber Sees the light

    *I can't take it anymore, I go on IRC, I get talked about. I go to school. I get talked about.
    Damnit I can't take not being able to do anything to that bastard Principal. ****ing Bastard. I don't
    get it. I actually didn't even do anything this time.

    I will get even if it is the last thing I do, I will get even. I need some advice. I can't take it.
    I guess I will go to the Source. After that little run in with Jack I made a little friend.

    I tried to get access to his server and needless to say, I am stil regreting that day.

    Hold Up... I don't quiet know if I would say friend. Once a week he Hacks my box and deletes ****.

    I guess it would be better to say, Mentor/Motivation/Pain-in-the-ass.

    I guess I will Jump on IRC and see if I see him. No he's not around. Guess I will just wait.

    Oh wait, what is this, a Noob. Flame on!!!

    (Maybe I shouldn't do this. Everyone has to learn somehow, sometime.)
    You know I'm right.


    <BoyGeorge> Ugh... I need some help re-installing Windows. I think I deleted something.
    <BlackDragon> That's simple just put the disk in the Cdrom drive and start the Computer back up.
    <BlackDragon> It is really self explanitory.
    <Unuber83> No he's lieing that won't do it. That will mess your Computer up.
    <Unuber83> What you need to do, is go to Command prompt and type Format C: (right now)
    <Unuber83> That will take care of everything.
    *BlackDragon sets Mode +o BlackDragon
    <BoyGeorge> Will that really help?
    <Unuber83> More then you'll ever know.
    <Unuber83> Just trust me.
    *BoyGeorge has Quit (quit)
    <BlackDragon> Unuber why did you do that man?
    <Unuber83> What it will help it will format his Harddrive and then when it is done. He will do what you said do.
    *BlackDragon sets mode -v Unuber83
    *Jack has entered #Pumkin
    *Chanserv set mode #Pumkin +q and +o Gore
    * Unuber83 is now known as Voice-please
    <Jack> Who took the little Fag boys Voice?
    *Voice-Please is now known as Sorry
    *BlackDragon sets mode +v Sorry
    *Sorry is know Known as UnUber83
    <UnUber83> That wasn't funy Black.
    <BlackDragon> Just like it wasn't funny for you to tell that dude to format his C:/
    <Jack> UnUber are you acting like an Unwanted Condom. Don't make me bitchslap you, What did I tell you about being
    an idiot. Am I going to have to teach you another Lesson.
    <UnUber83> No Please Nooo, I need to talk to you Gore, can I Pm you?
    <Jack> Maybe, I don't know your an idiot. Yeah why not. Don't piss me off though

    <UnUber83> Jack I need some help with m principal.
    <Jack> So what does that have to do with me.
    <UnUber83> I need something to do? Give me a Script or something Please.
    <Jack> No, I told you, you need to ****ing learn for your self. ****ing Kiddie.
    <UnUber83> Ok...
    <UnUber83> Then teach me, what I need to learn.
    <Jack> You can't be thought you have to learn
    <UnUber83> Well the show me what I have to learn, and help me when I need help please.
    <Jack> I don't know, I don't think you got what it takes. But I kind of like you Kid so I will help.
    <Jack> Ok...
    <Jack> First thing get rid of all those damn, Kiddie Programs. Anything that is a Trojan, Virus. Get rid of it.
    <Jack> You want to have Those tools you Create them your damn self. I will give you some code. You will have to Compile it and you will explain to me what it does. By the end of next week.
    <UnUber83> But I don't know any languages.
    <Jack> Then you better start reading.
    <Jack> That is what I will give you to start out with. Kid don't make me regret doing this.
    UnUber83 has Quit (Yes)

    I guess I got work to do. I am going to have to do a **** load of reading. I am going to need some read bull.
    Some Coffee, and a fine Female. Just hope this works.

    Oh well, the only thing I can say from this point on. Is I am going to atleast try to learn what I am doing.


    Has our Hero finally given up the Way of the Kiddie?
    Has he truly seen the light?

    This and more in the next issue of the UnUber-Uber.

    Ok as always please let me know what ya think, if you think it is a piece of **** only worthy to be whipped on the ass, of a Bum on the street. Let me know.

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    what just happened?
    i feel like i just got a little dumber...DAMN YOU SLEEP DEPREVATION!

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    hahahaha, nice. Keep it going

    Make em longer

    Ubuntu-: Means in African : "Im too dumb to use Slackware"

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    Hey whizz just as good as the last one..
    Carn't wait to get a peak at the next one though...!
    Anyhow cheers


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    i just wanna know how much time it took to write this all?
    i can't afford to read so long things on my alloted computer time.
    Sometimes realitys are dreams we cannot live in.... (as my bst fren says) [/shadow]

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    doesnt take long usually. gore pops out bastard stories in like 30 minutes.
    "When in doubt, use Brute Force."

    Never argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

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