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Thread: Microsoft to attack Linux security record

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    Microsoft to attack Linux security record

    The article http://www.infoworld.com/article/03/11/11/HNmsassault_1.html

    I find this particular flavor of F.U.D. to be interesting. The argument that the Redmond Gang is going to try to
    make is that Linux is less secure than Windows based on the frequency it (a certain Distro I assume and not
    the kernel itself, a.k.a Linux proper) releases security patches. I understand the motivation for this, it would
    not be easy to have your name all over the CERT Advisories for re-iterrations of the same issue (Windows RPC).

    I am interested to see what the public non_techie and general media perception of Micosoft's findings will be.

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    MICROSOFT is attacking the way Linux security updates are handled? That's a joke. I'd much rather see daily updates that cover newly found security holes than the once in a while half assed patches that MS releases. Updates increase security.

    Props to Linux for the quick responses to security issues, unlike Redmond's tendency to call things unimportant.
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    Yeah, it's a pretty interesting strategy to say the least, knowing their own track record for security issues.

    My suspicion is that they (Microsoft) are not trying to convince the security community, but to make damaging
    comments about Linux and Open Source to lay people. They know that if non-techie business managers out
    there are making decisions _not_ to move to Linux based on something they read in the news, that will get
    them a lot of reputation mileage, be it mere F.U.D. or not.

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