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Thread: Keep Up To Date !!!

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    Post Keep Up To Date !!!

    In the battle against malicious code and users its important to keep up to date with the latest computer security news. I have compiled this list of news and update sites.

    It is better to know about these things before they happen to you !!!

    some of the blurb is copied

    Cipher Newsletter
    A Newsletter of the IEEE Committee on Security & Privacy provides a wide range of information of current news in the field.

    Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC) Notes
    features information about computer security threats for Macs, PCs, Unix systems as well as other systems.

    Computer Security News Daily
    provides daily selections of news and other security-related information. Is designed to be browsed in 10 minutes or less.

    Internet Security Newsletter
    A bi-monthly newsletter that addresses various relevant network security issues, including security threats, recent computer security-related news stories, and editorials and recommendations from certified staff of network security professionals.

    Internet Security Review
    Ezine committed to bringing daily updates on breakings news and industry developments on the topic of network/Internet security issues.

    Netsurfer Focus
    The newsletter focuses on areas of interest to a netsurfer. Several past issues have featured information on various areas of computer security.

    Secure News A newsletter for Data and System Security from Innovative Security Products
    features information on current events. Security News Links Links to all the best and most up-to-date security news websites

    Reporting on computer vulnerabilities.

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    An added note : Browsing the forums here doesn't go a miss.

    Some of the exploits were listed here before any media sites got hold of them.

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    Sorry Mark, didn't think this was much of a tutorial. Good info but.. I sorta let the other one slide but this one.. eh...

    What about Full Disclosure list?

    And boy, talk about marketing!! I haven't seen anyone yet -- until I saw your sig -- actually pitching to be AO King/Queen...
    Goodbye, Mittens (1992-2008). My pillow will be cold without your purring beside my head
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    I saw his sig, but I didn't realize he was trying to get people to vote for him. I just saw the vote part not the for mark part. That is too funny. Is it working so far?

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    Good list...got some adds...

    Security News Portal

    Dartmouth College Institute for Security Technology Studies

    Hack in the Box

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