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Thread: Email viruses

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    In short- dont download stuff you aren't expecting, Update everything regulary AntiV, op sys, Turn off preview/view as webpage options in your email software, and dont read obvious spam.

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    wow...its going to take me 3 hours to open an email if i have to check for all of that shiznit that you all posted above!
    Actually, your anti-virus program will perform a lot of those tasks if it is up to snuff.

    Symantec and McAfee both will scan the mail on the way in and on the way out, and they will protect you from the majority of the problems. They won't protect you from yourself. That's up to you.

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    To make life simpler you could only accept mail in plain text.

    If you are using outlook I'm sure you can set up the filters to remove HTML and all file attachments

    Then, if you need someone to send you a file you can arrange it with them and add a filter for their name that allows the file through, and the remove it afterwards.

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    wow...thnx guys

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    All I have to say here is just one of my rules (Rule no. 11) :" Prepare your computer for the a specific purpose and not for a general one"

    This is just to say that I make use of different machines, for instance, for programming and developing stuff I have a computer for such operations.
    For testing the strengths of malicious codes/scripts (viruses in this case) I have another one (specifically designed, administered, and modified for such tasks)

    If for ****my private data***, I have one that never go online or on a network.

    Well, it all depends on you. Note as far as security is concerned, never depend on say antiviruses, security experts....just make sure that you run programs on a computer mearnt just for it!
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    Hi Intellihacker,

    I would firstly like to point out that this is a very old thread...........if the date at the top flashes, this tells you

    Secondly, you are quite correct.............I agree entirely, and have said so a number of times: I work this way:

    1. "labrat" a laboratory rat machine.........for any experimentation..........be prepared with a mirror..........you will be formatting and re-installing a lot............in fact you SHOULD do this to get a valid test environment each time?.......you need several of these with different operating systems.

    2. "ARV" armoured reconnaisance vehicle..........to go to bad places or examine bad stuff..........all the defence mechanisms that you have on this one

    3. "Reference Box" this has a mirror of various user departments' systems and is used to verify updates and new software compatibility.

    4. "sheep dip" This is purely a malware detection box..............full range of malware detection software on this one.

    5. "sacrificial goat" this is a deliberately weak and unprotected machine, so that you can trace what happens when something bad gets loose.

    6. "normal machine" this is what you use for your day-to-day activities.

    7. "game box".........could be merged with #6? but you do need the better components.

    8. "Museum" old stuff that people give you.......very useful for showing youngsters what things were like back then................?

    Well, that's the way I look at it


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    kinda paranoid dont you think tho nihil?I mean..8 machines?(or atleast 7)?makes for difficult buying if you're low on cash lol..but yes...the idea's fundamentally sound

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    8. "Museum" old stuff that people give you.......very useful for showing youngsters what things were like back then................?
    Interesting you say that.. I have a 2Mhz Z80 C/PM box that I am trying (for the past year as time permitts) to give access via a 486 dos/win3.1 box to my network.. this is more for file storage.. .. The problem is when ever i stsrt to work on this project all I can do is remember the phreaking (old) days..

    BTW therenegade, give it a couple of years, and a collection builds up.. besides what I use for repair work and training, I have two cel 400's on Seti@home, 4 more pIII -600-800's on BOINC/S@H and a box each for RH9 and Slackware9.. ALL of these as well as the Crash test dummy, and the "file recovery" box were all built from recovered parts from dead or written off machines.. (bigest hassel here is getting a good Mobo and CPU).

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