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Thread: New Linux Box

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    New Linux Box

    I'm taking out my old 100mhz box and setting up linus on it. Any suggestions on what version and where I can find it? Also, setting this up and networking with my windows box, I can share the connection (internet) correct? Why are people so worried about shell accounts... wouldn't setting up a cheap linux box be the same think. I think alot of people have these questions in mind so I hope this thread helps someone else too. Thanks.

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    i dont' think that "linus" would like you to set him up on anything. if you try his wife might kick your @$$

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    www.linuxiso.org is a great place to download Linux distrobutions...
    there are several ways to network computers (in order to share the net connection), you're going to need a hub or switch if you have more than one computer to share with.

    I'm building an old 486 (66mhz) with two NIC's (old ne2000's) and a 100mb HDD (i'm using FREESCO) this is what i'm doing to share my i-net connection.

    As far as what version of linux (don't forget BSD ) it all depends on what you want to do with it... considering the speed of the machine, i would consider running a minimal Linux setup...

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    100mhz will be enough to run it, but you won't get any of the cool stuff to work well with that.

    You will be mostly limited to commandline, as everything will be painfully slow in GUI.

    You can choose any version you want, they are all pretty much the same, except some are easier to setup and learn. They all come with different packages geared towards different users. Some has better default security than others...

    Red Hat is what I learned/learning on. But I've also used mandrake, slackware and a couple cdrom based ones.

    The cdrom ones are nice because you don't have to install it, but you boot right to the cdrom.

    Look into knoppix, knoppix-std, suse for a couple bootable distros.

    http://www.linuxiso.org/ is a good place to get it.

    Look at the distro's site and look at the requirements before attempting to load.
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    yeah I have all of the networking equipment. thanks alot tampa. sorry for the n00bness of the question and we're probably kicking a dead horse too. sorry

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    You may want to stick with something lean ,ala slack or a bsd as the bigger distros are pretty bloated (kde won't work worth ****) try blackbox or fluxbox , i have 120 w/ freebsd/fluxbox and it is quite functional.
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    i would put FREESCO on it, running it at home here, its very good, keeps all the script kiddies away from my network and you can setup samba on it and then use it as a small dump for important files you dont wanna loose in a crash.

    FREESCO can also run from a single disk, but when you cant really expend it. Then install a telnet or SSH deamon on it and you can use it as a almost normal shell based workstation.
    Dont forget the FEESCO comes very incomplete, no GUI, no compiling software, no ftp server no notheng, but with some tar packages and a brain you can make a great system out of it
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