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Thread: AO Security Discussion Spotlight(s) on EIT - 11.13.03

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    Exclamation AO Security Discussion Spotlight(s) on EIT - 11.13.03

    I've been on vacation, hence no updates. Anyway, lots to catch up on... Congrats to those that sparked the lasts batch of spotlights!

    Remember, if you guys/gals come across any threads that you consider to be "spotlight worthy", feel free to PM me. The only real requirements are that the threads should be about computer security issues and they should be a fairly good/interesting read.

    And none of that gutter mouth stuff! Think of the children

    Also, be sure to keep an eye out for Lyne Bourque's next article.

    AntiOnline Security Spotlight: How Hackers Pick Their Victims - November 13, 2003
    Are you an easy target? Delve into the factors that motivate an attacker to breach your network's security.

    AntiOnline Security Spotlight: Tripwire Tutorial - November 6, 2003
    Another tool for your bag of tricks! Get to know a technology that can detect even the stealthiest of intrusions, regardless of how lightly a hacker treads.

    Stopping Spam before the Gateway: Honeypots - November 13, 2003
    By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
    There's more than one way to stop a spammer. Our author discovers that like pesky flies, spammers just can't resist the allure of honey.


    Liberty Alliance's ID Spec: Phase 2 Complete - November 12, 2003
    The Liberty Alliance reaches yet another milestone in the development of the group's Identity Web Services Framework.

    'Critical' IE Patch in November Alert - November 12, 2003
    Microsoft issues four new security fixes, three of them 'critical'.

    New Worm Using Pornographic Names - November 7, 2003
    Following on the heels of W32/SpyBot-W Thursday, Sophos issued an alert Friday for W32/SpyBot-V, also a peer-to-peer worm as well as a backdoor Trojan that copies itself into the Windows system folder.

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