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Thread: a change in the 1440 minutes to edit your own thread ?

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    a change in the 1440 minutes to edit your own thread ?

    I honestly don't know why JP instituted a 1440 minute time limit to editing your own thread.
    It seems to me that if someone (for example) posted a tutorial, then wanted to edit it for grammar or to add left out details.. and couldn't.. it's a major thorn in the side.

    I posted a bug in the "oops a bug" section and now I'd like to take out a URL that screws up the formatting.. and I can't

    If it's not asking too much can we get this extended or removed ?
    The "edited by and time stamp" will still show accountability if edited afterwards.

    please ?

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    I would like to see it either removed or extended because I would like to make some changes to tutorials I have written to add in web sites that other members have mentioned and that I have found a few days later.

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    It seems as if this is somewhat unknown about. The one tutorial I posted has a [color] tag format error that I caught a few days after I posted. When I tried to edit, I was told about the time limit for editing and to write to the admin. So I did and was told to edit the post the normal way and that there was no time limit??? So Im not sure what to do (its not that big of a deal to me). Something should probably be changed.
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    The site should also be careful to not let the edit period go for too long as well.

    Let's say that a disgruntled former AO'er wanted to come back and delete his tutorial, which would take away from the tutorial pool, I assume these are valued by Jupm.

    It would be nice if you could get access to former tutorials to add and upgrade material within them. I know negative does this to the tutorial forum index....so...... it's possible right?


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    It's been mentioned before, in fact I suggested only having an extended edit for the tutorials forum, that way at least we could keep stuff up to date.

    With regards to former members coming back and deleting their tutorials - they have every right to do that if they wish. As far as I am aware, Jupiter Media hasn't been assigned the rights to any of the tutorials (they certainly haven't got the rights to use mine), and if a format member requested that such a post be deleted then JM wouldn't have much choice but to comply.

    Negative can edit his post for an unlimited time (I think) because he is a moderator, but he can't edit other member's posts because I asked if he could update one of my tutorials and it wasn't possible.
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    I stand corrected.

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