hey all, im a new kiddo interested in computer sercurity and c++ programming.
to start off, i'm just a 15 year old kiddo, soon to be 16. i've been independently studying c++ on my spare time (enough for simple input/output), and i've been working with flash, PS, and soundforge for like a year or so. i've came to this forum community to gain further knowledge of computers. ummm, in short, "Hi" >_<

PS. my hardware: im running a piece of **** computer. cyrix processor, and an upgraded hard disk (from 2 gigs to 4, how sad am i!!). oh, and my fan sucks so much if i stay on for two hour or so, the heat sink will heat up like a bitch...didnt believe me when i said a pos computer? heh, hopefully i'd get a new one, cuz this one just sucks too much to be upgraded any longer.