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Thread: adding text line in list on website

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    adding text line in list on website

    My website, which I set up over a three month period, contains a 17-page list. Can anyone out there give me a simplified method of adding a line or lines of text to my site? It is in html. I know little or nothjing about html. All I did was type in the text on the pages. I tried using Notepad and Notebook, but to no avail. I originally had the site on Rogers Interactive TV,and transfered it to the Net. I need to know what to go to, where, and what to click along with the proper sequence. I am anxious to do this ASAP. Thanks.

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    Ok, To add text that will be displayed on the page:

    text </P>

    Or to do it in bold:

    Bold text

    Also, read the FAQs, the forum you put this in is for questions related too the website antionline.com itself.

    If you did not mean adding text to be displayed on the website, then be more specific with your question.

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    If you are looking for a way to update a page without acutally going into it and editing and uploading and all that, maybe you could do something with blogger.com. They let you post entries and upload via ftp to your server using their site, but the problem is, for every list entry you make, itll have a date and time and posted by you all over it. what you could do though, is delete all that from the template it gives you in its prefrences page, but that requires a little knowledge of html. That way it can give you just a clean line of text and you can update it from that website, anywhere. It probably wont be easier, but its just a suggestion.

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    I originally had the site on Rogers Interactive TV,and transfered it to the Net.

    what does that mean?

    you dont just transfer something to "THE NET". it has to go onto someones server. you need to find out who's hosting your page (who has the server) and look threw their support pages to find out what they have set-up for editing pages. maybe they only allow their own editing software to access the pages on their server. these are usually accessed by logging on in the members areas...maybe you have ftp access. you have to find this out. nobody can tell you how to change something on "the net".
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    I took a look at your site, and it seems to me what you're asking is how to add on to the current lists that you already have, maybe linking to them so they go to the specified page instead of just a plain text list? And on the specified pages adding a bit of formatting to just the blurb of text that seems to be there?

    For lists this is a really great resource which incorporates CSS to give them many unique styles:


    You might also check out these sites to get some of the basics, such as formatting, styles, etc.:


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