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Thread: memory error???

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    memory error???

    lately i have been getting this same error when trying various tasks ....

    the instruction at "0x1fcb3854" referenced memory at "0x00000007", the memory could not be "read".
    click on ok to terminate the program.

    i looked to see what programs were running, but nothing was that i didnt know about.

    just this morning i got this error when trying to open weatherbug. i also got this error when trying to paste info to a word document, and with trying to open corel office.

    could this be bad ram? or maybe a windows issue? should i reinstall? i have also updated my files from windows update. i downloaded everything.

    i have a hp pc. 304w

    256mb ddr pc2100 ram

    40gb hard drive

    windows xp home

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    i suppose its BAD try try changing it.
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    the instruction at "0x1fcb3854" referenced memory at "0x00000007", the memory could not be "read".
    That looks sort of familiar, but I have not seen it for a while. I do not think that it is your actual memory that is at fault, but some sort of software conflict where two proggies are trying to use the same space. This could even be the result of a "memory leak"

    I am working on something else at the moment, so please accept that I do not have the time to go and check it for you..............my XP Pro machine is not online at the moment

    Try going to the Microsoft support site and look at the FAQ and Knowledgebase. I am NOT "having a go" but this is a resource that I would strongly recommend that you familiarise youself with.

    Try running searches on the program instruction line (first set of gibberish) and then the second one..........it might turn up something?

    Then try a Google search for "memory testing tools", I am not sure if you use " or AND between the words............it doesn't matter.

    Get a trial or free one and run it. I doubt if that is really your problem though.

    Do the same for "memory management tools"..... try to provoke the problem then do the same after re-booting and running the memory recovery program..... this will "free" memory that has been locked by a memory leak.

    It then starts to get a little involved, so could you do what I have suggested and post back or PM me?

    Good Luck

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