Ok, for all the people who know me, SIT DOWN. Also, you may want to have someone who can revive you if you faint, mainly if your username is shrekkie. I downloaded Libranet Linux and tried it out on one of my boxes....The install was very easy, I didnt read the manual or anything, and I didnt need too.

It went very well, all of my cards were found. I was pleased with the install. It looked alot like the slackware or Free BSD. After the install and configuration were done, I booted up and saw one of the coolest looking welcome screens I have ever seen.

Now, for the part that shrekkie needs to sit down for:

I took SuSE Linux 8.2 Professional off my main *NIX box and put Libranet on there, which is what I am typing this from. Now, I'm not selling out SuSE, it's still my favorite, but if Novelle ****s it up, I'll go to Debian.

Heres the specs on my main *NIX box:

HP Pavilion

Pentium 3

733MHz Processor

43 GB HD

384 MBs RAM

Sound Blaster Live! card.

SMC EZ card 1255TX NIC

CD-RW drive

DVD-ROM drive

USB in front and back

This box has seen more versions of UNIX than Bill Gates' Nightmares.

In all, I give Libranet/Debian an 8/10 score. I love it, BUT, theres a few very monir things that could be improved. Like when I have the admin menu open, I'll click on the online update, and it will give an error. But when I do an online update from command line, it works fine.

Just a little thing liek that is keeping it from getting a 9.

SuSE is the only distro to ever get a 10 from me. But, anyway, for anyone looking for a good Distro of Linux to download and use, go for Libranet.