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    for me the linux OS security depends on the moderators knowledge but all i can say is that linux is much better that windows, but i heard something about this new OS that will come out i havent check it in the net that one is cann longhorn (i dont know if its true )one of our proffesor tell us that even Microsoft windows company uses linux as there OS is http://uptime.netcraft.com/up/graph/....microsoft.com check out this site .....
    here an info about the "longhorn" http://www.winsupersite.com/reviews/longhorn_alpha.asp if you wanted to check it

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    As i read somewhere it is said that windows is more hacker-friendly since it is the most widely used OS.I am sure that when Unix & Linux are used on a large scale it too will turn out with many flaws ,bugs & threats.Though the stability of unix,linux is remarkable compared to windows

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    Taking a little bit from everybody here, I'd like to put in my 2 cents

    Microsoft Windows does in fact have many holes in it that can and will be exploited if they are not patched. Another important factor with Windows, is that you must have the right mix of system policies that work for you, but not against you (ex. FTP out, no FTP in...etc). Also good account policies help. There are a lot of things to look at when securing a M$ box when you put it on the net for the first time. But this is also true with any box you put out there into a production environment.

    *NIX has different types of holes, strongly dependent on your configuration files, and system policies, however, with proper configuration, some boxes can be made NEARLY impenetrable.
    But nothing is in fact, impenetrable.

    Which one is better?
    My answer is that they are equally as tough as your Administrator is smart. Meaning that the weakest link in the chain, is the person setting the box up. If they don't stay up to date with security, then security will have a field day with them.

    Also, in my honest opinion...and mind you, some people might have to agree to disagree with me on this one Microsoft products are highly scrutinized in part because of their high volume of use. As more people become familiar with a friendly alternative (ie Linux), you very well might see that holes will pop up more frequently, as you will have more people poking at it with their techno-stick.
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