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Thread: Linux Equivalents of windows.

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    Linux Equivalents of windows.

    Most of the time we face a question. If i have this app in windows what is the equivalent in linux. Or what to use in lin to do something. Today while browsing i came across an intersting site which lists all the windows equivalents to linux with links to them. the whole thing is very well arranged in tables and very well categrized. I hope it will be quite a handy refrence to most of us.
    the link to the site is : http://linuxshop.ru/linuxbegin/win-l...en/table.shtml
    or download in zip format : http://linuxshop.ru/linuxbegin/getzi...in-lin-soft-en

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    What an amazing site! Thanks a ton for sharing that resource with us, it will help Linux noobs like me, get all their apps that they need!

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    See? This is good stuff!
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