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Thread: Cybercrime laws?

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    Cybercrime laws?

    I need to write a report on the growing cyber crime. Which my report is more based around the law aspect, in fact it deals only with laws.

    The things I need to include are international laws, american gov't laws, as well as section on my paper on how other countries deal with cybercrimes. What i need to know is, are there any good, or for that matter ANY sites at all, that outline some of the internet laws. I did some searching but if someone knows any off hand it would save a great deal of time for me.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Google is probably a good start for this kind of stuff. There are no international cyber laws (AFAIK). Most are done on a nation-by-nation basis (which explains a lot of the quality of laws out there).

    The US has a few but the most notable ones are:

    [url="http://www.eff.org/IP/DMCA/hr2281_dmca_law_19981020_pl105-304.html"]Digital Millenium Copyright Act, 1998 (aka DMCA)[url]

    and more recently the Super DMCA Acts, 2002, created by various US States.

    Add to that changes in laws where computer attacks are associated with treason thanks to the recent change in the US law that includes the "US Patriot Act".

    You may want to look at laws of Privacy as well. This site should give you some insights.

    Hope that helps. Do you have a direction or premise for the report? (more specific than cyber crime as it's a fairly wide topic).
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    MsMittens is quite correct, your subject is too broad. Perhaps you might do a comparison, as what laws make one thing illegal in one country, while it is still legal in another. Or pick one faucet of cyber crimes, such as identity theft, or cracking networks.
    That would also give you specific targets to search for.
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    The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act ^^^

    Kinda older, but still good

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    Try law-based sites in ur country itself as cyber laws vary a lot from one country to another,
    Best of luck

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    Also, the Electronic Information Privacy Act:


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    Hey, let's not forget the good cybercrime law(s?), the newly in effect California identity theft law that requires owners of business to report break-ins when sensitive personal information could have been taken. (i.e. when you customer database gets haxx0red, you have to tell the people whose info could have been taken.)

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    vx.netlux.org has a list of all the state laws and national
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