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Thread: Coool Pics-check out

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    We talked about that in class last thursday, and our teacher told us a story about a man who was Computer Addicted and his wife told him " Me or the computer? one has to go" and the retard chose the computer. Computer Addiction is as real as any drug addiction. DON'T let a machine seperate you from your friends and family.

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    That's a problem I'm beginning to have, when I've been behind my box for like 10 hours and I get downstairs I'm very actively thinking but I don't say a thing, I get irritated more quickly etc.
    I actually regulary rember dreams about computers, nothing special happens there, just me messing with my box.
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    My computers cost me the only girl I ever loved, I tried to get her back, but she wouldn't return. I even threw out a sparc station to try and prove my love. At this point I'm just saying fsck it! I'm finding me a computer chick this time...
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    Yes, I also have to be careful, my wife always says I spend too much time on the computer, so I need to drag myself away sometimes when I am in the middle of something. I hate that but I also know I need to spend time with her. Otherwise whats the point of being married?
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    yup Alison does complain about my computer usage but she knows when I have work to do that I gotta spend alot of time on it - its cool as long as I spend time with her as well - which at the minute is just dinner and weekends....but only till I get my portfolio finshed


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    Originally posted here by el-half
    I actually regulary rember dreams about computers, nothing special happens there, just me messing with my box.
    I have dreams about configuring servers occasionally....
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    Ah computer Addiction, i'm still recovering from my Addiction, instead of spending every moment on the computer i now only spend 6 hours a day.
    I have suffered from Nightmares.
    One that i constantly have is that one of my servers is hacked and taken over by this evil group.
    Who try to control all the servers in the Universe as there plan to take over the Internet..
    It's pretty scary and i find myself waking up and running to make sure that everythings ok..
    Then even though i know that it's alright i will sit in the room and listen for any wierd noises coming from the Box's..


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