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Thread: Data recovery

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    Data recovery

    Hi all,
    Does anyone no of a good file recovery app? a freeware tool. I have tried a few trial vertions and they are limited to a maximum file recover of 64kb.

    This would be for win98 on a drive that has been partioned with the info that needs to be recovered on the partition that windows can not see. This partition was Fat 32 but i think the fat tables got stuffed when win 98 was installed.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    http://hccweb1.bai.ne.jp/~hcj58401/ <--- this is the one I use at the moment. Hopefully it can pull them from a fat drive (just looked it would have to be able since it's for all the way down to 95). Heh.

    If not, then at least you have a decent app for the future. Hope this helps in some way. I have a hunch that your looking for something a bit more powerful though.

    Take care.

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    hmmm.. I looked at that app, FrameWork.. I don't think it'll recover lost fat partition tables.

    jinxy.. you know what they say.. "you get what you pay for" in other words, if the data is that important, then I think you'll need to trust and invest in a good app.

    A friend of mine bought "encase" about 2 years ago, for a drive in a server. paid big bucks, I forget how much, but for the cost of having to replace the data, it was a drop in the bucket.

    Encase and F.R.E.D.D.I.E. are two of the applications that investigators use.. here's a page on freddie.. wow.. freddie is one expensive boy.. but he's more than just an app he's his own portable computer.. just snap in the suspects drive hook up the 10Mb, 100Mb, or 1000Mb (Gigabit) ethernet network and transmit back to headquarters.. lol..
    Standard Configuration $6999.00
    Professional Configuration $8399.00

    ok.. alright.. you want something more in your price range..

    Active@ UNERASER for DOS not bad for 50 bucks..
    Active@ Partition Recovery

    Stellar Phoenix FAT Data Recovery Software $79.00

    info on encase/freddie/evidence-eliminator

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