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Thread: Looking back on 100 posts.

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    Looking back on 100 posts.

    This is my 100th post. I know, it's an historic moment. This may even be commemorated with an international holiday. Start the fireworks....

    Well, this has kinda gotten me thinking about what's happened since I first became an AO member. I've learned things here, and I've taught others what I know. More importantly, AO has become a place that I can go to be with like-minded people. I guess I'm just babbling, mostly out of boredom, somewhat because of the bourbon...

    First, since I became a member, my now ex girlfriend left me 4 times. My laptop's keyboard has lost 3 keys, and a couple others just stopped working. I got my 1st real computer job at Best Buy. My daughter learned how to say w00t. I've built 9 computers. ThinkGeek.com has become my only source of clothing. I threw away a dumpster full of computers and electronics trying to prove to my ex GF that I loved her more than the computers. It didn't work. Now I miss my Sparc Station. It was old but it was still cool. I found it in a dumpster.

    It's been an interesting journey. One which I hope won't end anytime soon.

    Oh yeah, I never really said w00t until I joined AO.

    w00t w00t w00t.

    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    If this is what 100 posts have done to your life, You will be in real trouble before you make it to addict .......

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    I doubt it can get any worse He only has to get another 175 posts and he becomes a true 100% A.O addict and has gained access to the addicts forum

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