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Thread: Basic C/C++ help needed

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    Basic C/C++ help needed

    CAn anyone pleez tell me why my Turbo C/C++ compiler gives me an error in all programs saying that it cannot include basic library files like stdio,conio,math etc though i am sure they are all in place in the folder as it was.It also gives an error saying unable to create output file *.obj.

    Someone pleez help

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    Sorry i can't help you much with your question.. but I can help you with posting questions in their proper forum.. I just sent you a pm about posting in the newsgroups and how its not really a part of antionline and now I see you've mistaken the Code Review forum for a place to ask questions on C/C++..

    here is the forum description for the Code Review forum
    Antionline community members can use this section of the site to post code for sharing and testing.

    maybe the Programming Security or chitchat area would be a better choice..

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    Um, I'm not that great of a programmer myself (just had a course in high school and will be finishing the second part next semester) Just wondering, what OS are you running and compiling for? What is the version of your compiler? I remember having a similar problem, we use Borland 5.02 at school running Win2000 and we had to compile using 'EasyWin' the 16-bit one. The 32-bit compile wouldn't work without doing stuff beyond the scope of the course the school offers. As long as your libraries are in same place your compiler is told to look in the options, they should link and stuff just fine. Mind you I haven't programmed in a while now, so I could be wrong!

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    I've had this problem too a few times. What works best is to just delete your entire C/C++ complier off your computer and get another one. Getting those errors is usually one of two things
    1. a syntax error you have overlooked (which happens really easy if you're not careful)
    2. your complier is pooched

    Either way you'll have to take a good look at your code and if it looks fine then get a new compiler. I use Bloodshed Dev C++ 4.0 or something. You can get it off

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    Have u Checked your tc directories if they are properly set to check go to "Options" menu item then "directories" chack wether the path of include directory and the output directory is properly set

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    This may or may not be something you've considered but in my experence some compliers are happy with header files being decleared with a .h extension others don't like it Have you tried both?
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