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Thread: I need help with Win2k

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    Question I need help with Win2k

    I'm not sure this is the right place to put this thread.

    Problem: Win2K pro installation won't continue after files are copied for installation when box is restarted. I don't no why maybe some of you guys know about this?? I just want to upgrade from Win ME that came with the box.

    The box is a Netvista PIII 1Ghz 384Mb Ram 30Gb HD

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    I have seen this exactly.

    I know this will be a major inconvenience when it comes to the other end but you need to delete the contents of the windows folder and do a fresh install booting of the win2k CD.

    Its a problem with the special boot features in ME.
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    If you still have problems. Make a ME boot disk and then format the drive before you install 2k.

    Remember: Windows ME to 2000 is not a MS supported upgrade path. (As discussed in this article)

    Windows Me to Windows 2000 Upgrade Is Not Supported
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    I have saved all my files and reformatted the HD but when it was finished installing everthing it freezes after it restart. Is there some thing I'm doing wrong??

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    Make sure that if you were using a boot floppy you removed it before restarting. It also could be the cdrom in the cdrom tray, so you could try removing that also when restarting. Other than that, I guess it is just screwing up during the install process, and I would say, try it again.

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