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Thread: Fixed: Bugs I found so far

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    Bugs I found so far

    Main page avatar shows a box with a red X
    Antipoint User tends to assign guage is showing 18% positive and 185% negative on some members

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    Any pictures a user may have had in their personal profiles appears to be screwed too.


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    Many runtime errors happend when I edit my posts. Various objects expected on various lines on various threads. These of course would be almost un-noticable bugs without me and my script debuggers. Oh well... atleast jupe is trying this time instead of pretending that nothing and nobody exist around here.

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    The avatars problem and photos were fixed a few days ago. I think we discussed it in another thread, but I'll mention it here too so we can put a *fixed* label on this thread soon.

    |The|Specialist -- I fixed one js problem that was causing runtime errors ... if you continue to see a number of them, you can PM me w/info and I'll look into them.

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