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    hey guys there is this really nast file spyware product from www.stocktalk.com that has been installed on a lot of my friends computers. I am not infected, but i was wondering how do i remove this thing? On there website, they will give you the option to remove their product but i am not sure whether it works. Anyways, i do have spybot and i havent told my friends to get it and run it but i was wondering if anyone has had experience with this spyware and how they deleted it...thanks
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    Ok, I went to the site, poked around and did not see any spyware. It didnt prompt me for anything and I have my Mozilla settings on Paranoid. I ran Spybot afterward and it didnt find anything. (With latest definitions) Do you have a direct link to what your friends could of downloaded?

    Ahhh... from the other thread I see it is http://www.talkstocks.net Which prompts you....
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