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    partition problems

    i, um, kinda tried to resize a current partition on my hard disk to make room for a new one... but somehow messed up, and now my computer wont boot... what might be a solution for this problem?
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    I hope I'm wrong but I think you might be out of luck for recovering the OS. You can probably get data off of the partition but you will most likely have to reinstall the OS. Someone please prove me wrong.

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    What did you use to partition your drive? As it stands, I am with h3r3tic on this one. You could try to use a Dos Boot disk to enter the partition and see if any of your data is still there. But usually when you remove a partition you wipe the FAT. So Yeah back to that first question.
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    If the Partition Utility you were using contains some sort of recovery feature, then you're out of luck. The resizing progress (and file locations with it) was stored in RAM and therefore lost when the computer shut down, unless a copy is kept on the hard disk. Otherwise, the files are still there but you have lost any ability you had to find them.

    But as far as I know, all of the actual data is still there. Maybe a few megabytes were lost if they were in RAM but not yet transrerred to the hard disk. But most of the data is still recoverable with data recovery utilities. If you have defragmented the drive recently, even better. Unfragmented files are found much easier. The triouble is finding a data recovery utility which does not cost less than a hundred dollars. There are good ones available, but I haven't found any free ones yet.

    What filesystem was the partition you were resizing using? NTFS partitions recover files much better because they index thier content, while FAT partitions make it pretty damn near impossible to recover fragmented files if the FAT is lost.

    One more hint - DO NOT SAVE ANTHING NEW TO THIS PARTITION. It will overwrite the data that was there before which will become unrecoverable. If your uitility has no auto-recover feature, then start looking for a data recovery program. Maybe someone else here knows of an open source data recovery tool

    In short, your data is lost, but not unrecoverable.

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    Please don't tell us you tried an fdisk to shrink your OS partition?
    Striek is right, you can possibly recover the data, its just that you'll have to purchase a recovery tool.

    General rule of thumb, is that most partitions (unless otherwise specified) are static, meaning that you cannot move/resize the partition. The exception to this rule in Windows 2000/XP is that in Computer management, you can choose to set your drive up as a dynamic drive, and then can resize the partition, but this must be done BEFORE any other OS's are installed on your disk.

    If you tend to resize partitions a lot, you might want to grab a copy of Partition Magic, this comes in handy, and is really nice if you want to take the complications and headaches out of partitioning it using standard OS utilities.

    Good luck!
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    sounds to me as if your PC lost the active partition. make a boot disk using win9x and run fdisk, choose option 4 to view partitions, if there is an A present under the C drive then I dont know what to say other than start over, otherwise if there isnt an "A" press esc. and choose option 2 for setting the active partition. If your running NTFS then this will not work, this will only run under FAT16 or FAT32.

    Next time you partition use Partition magic and dont forget to defragment your drives first. I hope I solved your problem.

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    I have but one straw that you might like to clutch to -

    Try booting from a MSDOS floppy with FDISK.EXE on it

    Then try:

    fdisk /mbr

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