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    Windows XP Profile

    Hi All,

    I was just wondering how anybody deals with cleaning up temp files etc in WinXP/2000. The problem I am having is that I work in a school where lots of users use each machines, probably about 20 a day. They all have temp files etc and when I run a disk cleanup it only runs for the user it runs as (for example administrator). It would be impossible to run the cleanup as all 1200 users every night so I decided to clean up their files on logout with cleanmgr.exe, which isn't too bad (after I removed the compress files option using the registry). The problem I have now is that it doesn't look very good for one and sometimes cleanmgr just hangs (even after getting rid of the compress files option). Ideally I would like to run a job overnight to clear out all the profiles (except the default user). Failing that I guess I could write a logout script to empty the files but the structure of the profiles seems to make it quite difficult. Also I dont seem to be able to empty the recycle bin from the script.

    Any ideas gratefully received, I am getting kind of confused as you can probably tell

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    I never liked having proggies do the cleanup for me, cause sometimes they clean things i don't want them to clean but anyways...

    I used to have a batch file do that for me... i had it on my previous box but i found a similar one in a sec with google: clean.bat.

    I've never really tried it on a multiple user enviroment, but i guess that if you properly edit the paths that have to be cleaned and have it run every day @ a certain hour with a task manager, you're done.

    Hope this will help you.

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