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Thread: IP numbers exposed

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    IP numbers exposed

    hi there, sorry if i don't have enough personal information in my profile, i prefer to keep my "identity a secret". anyways here's the following...

    the first step is to go to MS DOS and type " ping www.website.com" and a number should apear like this [] and instead of typing in the words, go to the adress bar and type in the number that belongs to the site that your looking for.

    Each computer has a number, like every house has an adress, if you lke to know what's the ip number fo your computer just go to MS DOS and type te following command " ipconfig", three numbers will appear, the first number will say "IP adress ..........", the second one will say "Subnet mask ............." and the last one will say "Default Gateway........"

    i hope that you enjoyed you visit, if you have questions i'll be mor than happy to assist you
    just email me at Theoglazier@yahoo.com

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    Not really a tutorial. The information is ok. It basically describes the end effect of DNS and what DNS does when it comes to using the ICMP protocol.

    Perhaps I'm missing something...
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