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    Its just gunna be one of those days isnt it. lol. Im getting a headache from just reading this. Or maybe its because im tired.

    #!/usr/local/bin/perl -s-- -export-a-crypto-system-sig -RSA-in-3-lines-PERL
    ($k,$n)=@ARGV;$m=unpack(H.$w,$m.\"\\0\"x$w),$_=`echo \"16do$w 2+4Oi0$d*-^1[d2%
    Sa2/d0<X+d*La1=z\\U$n%0]SX$k\"[$m*]\\EszlXx++p|dc`,s/^.|\\W//g,print pack(\'H*\'
    ,$_)while read(STDIN,$m,($w=2*$d-1+length($n||die\"$0 [-d] k n\\n\")&~1)/2)

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    [list=1][*]Go to Google[*]Search for "hosts" file and "CSS"[*]You know the rest[/list=1]
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    Originally posted here by paulie walnuts
    With all due respect,

    Don't you think "Jp" should show some respect to the folks that actually own this site? This guy comes in here talking down the site. What kind of respect does that show towards Jupitermedia?

    I would sue this bastard if he came to a site that I bought off him and started posting remarks as he has here. I have a feeling I might win, unless there was some strange clause stating that this guy could just come waltzing into my site whenever he wanted to and hurt my newly acquired business venture with his childish, annoying, jealousy riddled statements.

    Someone needs to put "Jp" in his place, because he's acting like a jealous tw*t right now with this charade of his!

    Jupm has done pretty much everything the community has asked of them, why bash them like this??

    Get an add blocker, it's not that hard!


    Wow Paulie, that was some reply. But I'm just slightly confused here. What exactly would be the grounds in which you would initiate a lawsuit against this "JP" person? For having an opinion? That goes directly against the First Amendmenet of the constitution.

    O.k. well this is my first post on my first day here. I hope I didn't offend anyone. hehe


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    Originally posted here by rcgreen
    [list=1][*]Go to Google[*]Search for "hosts" file and "CSS"[*]You know the rest[/list=1]
    "When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes." - Erasmus
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    I really don't see how any of this is productive. I totally agree with the comments about how somebody can build something up and they hate to see things change away from items that they might have held important. However, calling somebody out in public is not the proper way to address it. This goes for complaints about ads, or for deragatory comments about people's personnal lives. This site is supposed to be about security, and security professionals. Let's act like it. We get all of the negative comments about script kiddies and people posting about hacking hotmail. But people are still so quick to start slinging mud.

    It is obvious that JupiterMedia needs to make money. They are a corporation, that is their sole purpose for existance. Yes they have made some bad decisions such as, "Jupter Media started implanting ads into the middle of users posts." As soon as the user community spoke out about the issue, they took the appropriate steps. I don't think those in post ads lasted more than 24 hours. Atleast I don't remember them being in there for that long.

    I also don't think we can say that all of the content pre JupiterMedia was the greatest. Anybody remember getting spammed like crazy from the AntiOnline newsletter and the happer hacker newsletter. God, those tips from C. Meinel were just the best. It took me over 4 weeks to get removed from that mail list.

    What does any of this have to do with security? Can't we get a mod to lock this sucker down? Nothing good remains in this conversation.

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    I guess everybody's had their say by now, even the people who only post when they see an opportunity to bitch (that's not directed at you, JP)... some people even create new accounts to do so.


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