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Thread: SCO in a nutshell

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    SCO in a nutshell

    CRN: Can suing customers, as you've said you will, be good for any vendor?

    McBride: First it's not our customers. I would say we're suing end users. There are only two industries who use the term 'users,' computers and drugs. Not sure if there's a connection there. But the point is, we're not suing our customers. We are going after end users of Linux and I think there's a slight but significant difference there.

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    wow thats not cool, wtf is their problem with linux users? to bad his arguement doesn't really have any cohesion, and is faulty on several fronts, which i discovered out after reading the article :/
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    From what i read the other day there next target is bsd , they want to go back at the at&t lawsuit from 9 years ago http://www.newsforge.com/article.pl?.../11/18/1742216 i will personally kick darl's and chris's ass if they ever come to my city.
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    didn't the EU courts through this thing out and tell them to stop slandering people?...mayby it was only germany.

    i used to have respect for sco now i think they're a bunch of scum bags

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